Sydney, Australia

That's a hard question. I have an online health and wellness program 'Body by Finch' that I run with my husband and an apparel range called B.O.D by Finch. I also work as a television host on a show called House of Wellness and work as a brand ambassador for Myer, Loreal, Melrose Health and Bellamy’s. During the week I could be doing anything from creating and planning new content (workouts or meals) for the program, designing new ranges, researching, filming or running around to meetings!

My husband. He is the perfect yang to my yin and has opened my eyes to so much beauty in life.

I prefer podcasts - loving any of Dr Stephen Cabral's shows about healing the body!

Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts

Dark Chocolate or coconut ice cream (covered in dark chocolate)!

Queenstown, New Zealand during winter for skiing and Sydney in the summer.

My goal when I was young was to compete at the Olympics for long jump or 200 metres. I grew up on the track.

About 2 years ago now. I've been wearing blue blockers for a while but was on the hunt for something more stylish. Enter Baxter!

The RF blush pink limited edition that I was lucky enough to co-design with the amazing Baxter team! Currently wearing them as I type this.