Blue screens could be damaging children’s eyesight – The Daily Telegraph

Blue screens could be damaging children’s eyesight – The Daily Telegraph

OPTOMETRISTS have issued a dire warning that children constantly bombarded by phone and computer screens’ “blue light” emissions could be damaging their eyesight.

Eye doctors said, with many Australians looking at phone screens almost 150 times a day, as well up to 10 hours a day on computers and handheld devices, our eyes are at risk of being overwhelmed by too much light from the lower end of the spectrum.

Children are particularly prone to macular degeneration because the dose of blue light is cumulative over many years.

While blue light occurs naturally, it causes the sky to have a blue colour, research shows an excessive amount, unbalanced by other forms of light can damage the back of the retina, optometrist Simon Allen said.

“When we’re younger the lens inside our eye is very clear and allows a lot of blue light to pass through to the retina,” he said.

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