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Embrace a
Healthier Digital Life

Bringing self-care into the digital age with
our blue light glasses,
empowering you to feel great and live well.


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Bringing Self Care Into The Digital Age

Filters Blue Light

Wellbeing Range

Feel Great, Live Well

Virtually Clear Lens

A Thoughtful Approach

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Because there’s no excuse not to. Biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, dissolvable. Technology for the future and a future for our planet.
Force for Good
Proud to be part of the give-back revolution. The future looks clearer with every frame.
Backed by Science
In science we trust, in style we trend. Built on research and backed by science, our lens technology is tried, tested, and proven.
Different looks for different days. 30% off your 2nd pair when you purchase 2 or more pairs of Baxter's.
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Giving Back

With great innovation comes great responsibility, and we’ve partnered with Restoring Vision to give the gift of vision and so far have donated 135,240 pairs of glasses to those in need. We believe in the powerful potential of commerce - so thank you for being part of this vision!
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The Technology Behind

Not your average frames (The nerdy bit that sets us apart).

The Technology Behind

Not your average frames (The nerdy bit that sets us apart).
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The Experts Have Spoken

We’ve been blown away by the feedback we’ve received and thought we’d share what the experts had to say.

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