Kids vs. Digital

It’s a digital world, and there is no escaping it. We aren’t here to debate “kids vs. digital” - it is what it is - and while we try our best to limit screen time, let’s be frank, between school, home-schooling, entertainment (aka your small window of peace/sanity), and the rapidly engrossing future of digital technology - this isn’t a problem that’s going away. In fact, it’s only ramping up.

This isn’t a negative rant, though. We are big believers in tech and excited about the future - never have so many resources and opportunities been right at our fingertips! However, we think that being excited about tech also means getting ahead of the curve and doing our utmost to make sure the effects of a digital upbringing doesn’t come at the expense of their eyes later down the road!

Cause and effect

Our kids are even more likely to suffer digital eye-strain in their developmental stages, with tired eyes and headaches being a common issue. Blue light is proven to disrupt melatonin production and disrupt the regulation of our circadian rhythms - the natural factors that help our bodies sleep and wake up. This leads to sleep deprivation and disturbance at a critical time in their development.

Sleep plays a crucial role in the development of young minds. In addition to it having a direct effect on mood and happiness, research shows that sleep also impacts alertness and attention, cognitive performance, vocabulary acquisition, learning and retaining memory, as well as motor skill development in young children. So it’s easy to understand how poor sleep can quickly start to impact our children’s focus and performance in school, with the effects of inadequate sleep having a long-term impact on academic ability.

Poor sleep in adolescence has also been linked to a heightened sensitivity to allergens and lowered immune systems as well as
anxiety and depression, with mental health now being recognized as especially important in our formative years.

Cardiovascular risks in adulthood such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure have all been linked to poor sleep,
with emerging evidence supporting that poor sleep in childhood increases the likelihood of these issues later in life.

It’s a lot to take in, we know, but it’s why we are so passionate about being part of the solution.

Baxter Blue Kids

Baxter for kids delivers on every promise of our adult frames, at a scaled-down, super stylish version, tailored specifically for our kids.

ALL of our lenses filter out the blue light from their screens. They also have our signature anti-reflective coating that reduces 100% of glare, produces better contrast (great for gamers) and reduces digital eye strain. In addition, your Baxters also provide 100% UV protection.

Our range of kids’ glasses are also super cool - if we say so ourselves - and have been incredibly well received!

Whilst it’s true, we still don’t have definitive research on the long term effects of blue light, we don’t think it’s worth gambling our kids’ eyesight, sleep, and development on.

By the time they have been exposed to digital screens for 20+ years, day and night, from early development... we suspect there may be issues down the road, so this is us pre-gaming and investing in their promising futures.
Here’s to hoping we can keep up in all the other areas!

From one parent to another, let us help take something off your plate!


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