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The Story Behind Baxter Blue

We established Baxter Blue with a clear vision to create a fashionable range of non-prescription eyewear for those who use computers and digital devices, importantly protecting their eyes from the dangers of blue violet light and alleviating the symptoms of digital eye strain.

Every idea starts with a problem and ours was the headaches and sore eyes that came from working long hours on a computer. That’s what led to more research time on the computer (and more sore eyes!), as we learnt about digital eyestrain and the harmful effects of blue violet light.

So that became our mission. To make quality computer glasses that not only work by filtering out the harmful blue violet light and alleviating digital eye strain, but are also fashionable. And so Baxter Blue was born.

We could have just worked with an off the shelf blue-light-blocking glass, but we wanted to be certain the lens would filter out harmful blue violet light but let good blue light in. So we embarked on many months of research and development, partnering with experts in the field to create our own blue light lens.

And now we have it: Blue+. Our Blue+ lens filters out the most harmful blue violet light but still allows the good blue light in. And it looks great too – because the Baxter Blue+ lens is clear, not yellow. Combine it with one of our stylish frames, and you have protective eyewear you will be happy to wear anywhere!

We know digital devices and screens are here to stay. And we believe that Baxter Blue eyewear will also need to become part of our every day lives if we want to avoid the symptoms of eye strain and the potential for long term eye damage.

That’s what Baxter Blue is all about. Designed in Sydney, made for everywhere – it’s eyewear for our digital age.