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We’re on a mission to help people live well, in this increasingly digital life

Helping people is the reason we exist – it’s what started Baxter Blue and what inspires us each day. We want digital wellbeing to become part of life, because when you work, play, learn and connect on screen as much as we do, digital stress can feel pretty normal. But it doesn’t have to be. With the knowledge, science and great products to enhance the everyday digital experience we can all embrace a healthier digital life.

Join us as we make digital wellbeing a part of your daily self-care routine.

Leading the way in digital wellbeing

For us, blue light glasses were the ideal start to our digital wellbeing journey. When we saw first-hand the difference this one simple addition made to our own and our customers’ overall wellbeing, we wanted to do more.

We learned all we could about how time spent on digital devices affects the mind and body. And now armed with that knowledge, we’re on a mission to improve the wellbeing of anyone that spends time in front of a screen. To help more people feel great, and live well while enjoying their increasingly digital lives.

Meet the team

A Thoughtful
Approach to Eyewear

As a modern-day innovator, we don’t believe that commerce and production can continue to be a one-way exchange. We love the possibility that the privileges we have in our lives can have a knock-on effect in others, and so made that a powerful part of our game plan, partnering with Restoring Vision right out of the gate.

Sometimes, to get to the big picture, you have to start with the small. We are on a journey towards a sustainable future. We are devoted to making our designs, packaging, and shipping as sustainable as possible. We have a lot in the works and continue to innovate with design materials and processes - starting with the launch of our new, FSC certified packaging.

We know you will love your Baxters. We know you will feel the difference. And we are looking forward to you journeying with us as our line expands, our styles broaden, and our ambitions do too!
Sustainable Packaging
Because there’s no excuse not to. Recyclable, compostable, dissolvable. Technology for the future and a future for our planet.
Force for Good
Proud to be part of the give-back revolution. The future looks clearer with every frame.
Backed by Science
In science we trust, in style we trend. Built on research and backed by science, our lens technology is tried, tested, and proven.
I’m unbelievably proud of how Baxter Blue has grown and impacted the lives of so many people, not just through our blue light glasses but also through our give back initiatives. It’s time to put yourself care first, so I hope you join me as we bring a little wellbeing into our digital world.
Born in Sydney but made for everywhere, join us as we bring wellbeing into the digital age.
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