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Our Story

Baxter Blue was created with a very clear vision in mind; To create a fashionable range of eyewear that cracks the code on digital eye-strain and blue light exposure, delivering a high quality, long-lasting product that also serves to give something back.
Simple, right?

The best ideas usually come from a problem, and headaches, sore eyes, an endless feeling of fatigue and poor, disrupted sleep were our founders. Some deep digging and research later (and yes, more hours in front of a screen) lead us to the realities of digital eye strain and the harmful effects of blue light - and the enormity of a problem that so many of us unwittingly face.

And so, Baxter Blue was born!

A Thoughtful
Approach to Eyewear

As a modern-day innovator, we don’t believe that commerce and production can continue to be a one-way exchange. We love the possibility that the privileges we have in our lives can have a knock-on effect in others, and so made that a powerful part of our game plan, partnering with Restoring Vision right out of the gate.

Sometimes, to get to the big picture, you have to start with the small. We are on a journey towards a sustainable future. We are devoted to making our designs, packaging, and shipping as sustainable as possible. We have a lot in the works and continue to innovate with design materials and processes - starting with the launch of our new, FSC certified packaging.

We know you will love your Baxters. We know you will feel the difference. And we are looking forward to you journeying with us as our line expands, our styles broaden, and our ambitions do too!
Sustainable Packaging
Because there’s no excuse not to. Recyclable, compostable, dissolvable. Technology for the future and a future for our planet.
Force for Good
Proud to be part of the give-back revolution. Buy one: give one. The future looks clearer with every frame.
Backed by Science
In science we trust, in style we trend. Built on research and backed by science, our lens technology is tried, tested, and proven.
Born in Sydney but made for everywhere, this is eyewear for our digital age!
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