Chelsea Lupkin

Filmmaker living in New York

About Chelsea

Chelsea Lupkin is a storyteller and film-maker, with an innate ability to raise the hairs on the back of your neck! Yes, she’s a New York based, Indie-film darling, with her thrilling, all consuming short series “Lucy’s Tale” putting her front and centre on the horror stage with over 4.9 million views. When she is not writing / directing / filming and producing chilling and engrossing stories (her latest, Flagged, is now streaming on Hulu), she can be found with the Delish team, directing droolworthy hits like “Iconic Eats” and “Julia tries everything”. An appetite for life and a keen eye for emotive movie making, Chelsea Lupkin is one to watch. 

Enjoy our "quick ten" with this Rebel and Upriser

1/ Describe yourself in 3 words - Creative, driven and storyteller.

2/ What are you most passionate about? - Making films and video content that people enjoy.

3/ What is your profession? I'm a filmmaker living in NYC and a Sr. Programmer at Short of the Week. Some folks know me through my series work at Delish, like 'Iconic Eats' and others know me through my short horror films including 'Lucy's Tale' and 'Flagged' on Hulu.

4/ What's one talent you have that no one knows about ?
I initially went to school for illustration and painting, but fell into filmmaking. I still make art for myself and a few friends, but it's not something I widely share.

5/ If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you choose? That's easy! Steven King

6/ What would you be doing now if you weren't in your current career ? If I wasn't in the film industry, I'd probably dabble in theatre productions.

7/ What would you tell yourself 5 years ago that you know now ? Start making films that you would want to watch.

8/ How did you find the path you are on? I realised I was good with a camera when I started shooting drifting on raceways. Figuring out I was good at directing came later. When I began to work with theatre students in college on some of my art projects, everything just clicked.

9/ What are your favourite pair of Baxter's? Jasper Smokey Grey.

10/ If you could pass on one line of advice to anyone reading, what would it be? The road to success is a marathon, not a race.

Chelsea's favourite pair of Baxter's

Jasper - Smokey Grey

Follow Chelsea @chelsealupkin, @shortoftheweek


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