6 tips on how to have your best nights sleep

Its 7:00am on a Monday morning and your alarm goes off for work. You have had the worst night sleep, tossing, and turning, staring at the roof of your bedroom all night. You have had certifiably the worst night of sleep ever.

Research has shown that poor sleep has an effect in causing weight gain, and an increase in disease such as diabetes. It has negative effects on hormones, exercise, and brain performance.

So how can you make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Here are our top tips to getting in those Zzzz’s and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated ready to tackle the day.

1/ Get into a regular sleep pattern

Routine is one of the hardest skills to master, but when achieved will change the way you live for the better.

We always think of a morning routine or a work schedule when thinking about patterns, but one of the most important is our sleep routine. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is vital in a good night’s sleep. You will begin adhering to your body’s natural clock and soon enough won’t need an alarm to wake you from your slumber. By doing this you will help improve your learning abilities, memory, creativity, and overall mood.

2/ Switch off devices

Unfortunately winding down by watching hours of Netflix before bed is not doing any good to your sleep schedule. Blue light exposure from devices affects your circadian rhythm, keeping your wired and awake. The best way to prevent blue light exposure at night is to wear sleep blue light glasses, we recommend our Baxter’s and to switch off your devices two hours before heading to bed.

3/ Avoid Caffein

But first, coffee. We all love what it does for us in the morning. A boost of energy, focus and productivity. However, consuming coffee or any caffein, including energy drinks, chocolate and workout supplements, has a negative effect on your central nervous system, keeping you up into all hours of the night. If you’re craving a cup late in the day, do yourself a favour and switch to decaf.

4/ Take a warm bath with magnesium bath flakes

Magnesium flakes are very concentrated forms of a natural form of magnesium - magnesium chloride. They’re often used in a warm bath to replenish the body of this essential mineral.

In a warm bath, magnesium flakes are broken down and dissolved so they can be absorbed through the skin. This is great for relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation, while also offering a wide range of other long-term health benefits.

The combination of magnesium bath flakes and warm water has a relaxing effect on the body, assisting in a achieving a deeper sleep and falling asleep faster.

5/ Use a sleep spray

Sleep sprays aid in relaxing the body to help in the wind down leading up to falling asleep. Our Deep Sleep Pillow Mist, uses aromatic oils such as chamomile and lavender to help with melatonin production, assisting in a deeper more effective sleep. Spritz onto your bed before getting in and reap the rewards of your most rejuvenating sleep yet.

6/ Wear an eye mask

Light is one of, if not the biggest disruptors of sleep. Bocking out light from the sun or street lights that may seep through cracks in windows or under doors is essential in ensuring a good nights sleep.

Designed to block out 100% of light, our Sleep Mask allows your body to unwind after a long day and naturally drift off into a peaceful, deep slumber. Made from a delicate fabric, it’s soft on all skin types, and is fitted with deep memory foam internal padding for minimal interference while you catch up on your beauty sleep.

A good night sleep is just as important as eating healthy and working out, when thinking about your physical wellbeing. The average person sleeps 26 years of their life, so make sure those 26 years are worth it. Ensuring you are having a good sleep sets you up for the day, thinking, performing, and working at your best.


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