How to choose glasses for square shape faces

If you’re wondering how to choose glasses for square-shaped faces, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ve covered the common facial features of square face shapes, a list of flattering frames to consider, features to avoid, and more. Find out more below.

Characteristics Of Square Face Shapes

A square face shape has a few notable features. One of the most iconic features is the sharper jawline, which often makes this face shape quite desirable

This face shape also has similar lengths for the forward, face length, and jawline - hence the name. The forehead is also much wider than other face types, the chin has a square shape.

Be sure to keep these key features in mind when choosing frames to compliment your look.

Suitable Frames For Square Shape Faces

Want to learn how to choose glasses for square-shaped faces? We’ve listed the best styles below for you to check out.

1/ Cat Eye

Cat eye frames are a great option for anyone chasing a bold style that’ll stand above the crowd.

For a proportional square face shape, these frames will help to give the face more length while giving it a thinner appearance

The signature upward curve of these specs will also add a sense of flair to any outfit.

2/ Browline Glasses

For anyone with a square face shape, you can use browline glasses to elevate your look. After all, these are a classic style that’ll never go out of fashion.

Unlike other designs, these specs feature a thick brow bar which tends to draw attention. Because these glasses are top-heavy, they’ll help to give your face a longer, thinner appearance.

3/ Oval

Lastly, consider a pair of oval frames - an excellent choice for anyone hoping to soften the features of a square face shape. These frames will help to balance the proportions by elongating the face

They also have a professional look, perfect for anyone hoping to create that polish aesthetic.

4/ Round

Round frames are a step-up from oval, and are an excellent option for square face shapes.

The round frames help to soften the sharper, distinct lines that tend to come with a square face shape for a more balanced look. The contrasting shape also helps to make the face appear longer and thinner, which can improve the appearance.

Features to avoid

When you’re choosing frames, there’s also a few key features you’ll want to avoid - especially for square-shaped faces. This includes…

● Strong square or rectangular frames, as these will accentuate your sharp lines instead of soften them.
● Frames that sharpen the jawline’s appearance, as square face shapes typically already have a strong jawline.
● Glasses that fit uncomfortably or awkwardly on your face.

Colours Available

Now that you’ve chosen flattering frames for your square face shape, it’s time to focus on colour. Fortunately, this step is very straightforward.

All you need to do is choose a colour that compliments your skin tone or eye colour. For example, anyone with green or blue eyes might consider brown, blue, or white frames. Or if you have hazel eyes, try-on a set of grey or clear frames.

Virtual Try On

If you are still unsure which shape and colour will suit you, use our Virtual Try On available for all our styles. Simply press the 'Virtual Try On' button located on each product and see in real time how the glasses look from the cmfort of your own home.


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