How to optimise your office workspace setup

When the pandemic hit the world many of us were not ready to transition into working from home. With our homes becoming our offices, and in dire cases our beds becoming our desks, we rolled out of bed or simply just opened our laptops still snuggled into the covers at 8:57 am for a 9:00 am start.

Despite this sounding warm and cosy and perhaps what we all needed to cope with the beginnings of the pandemic, working from home has become a normality for corporate workers and individuals across the globe. We’ve all had to adapt and create a productive workspace from the confines of our homes.

As we continue this path of working from home we need to begin investing in the right tools and furniture to ensure we have a comfortable, creative and productive workspace.

Here are the top gadgets, gizmos and furniture we recommend for you.

1. Computer Setup

Slow and overloaded computers are the worst, especially when you have one too many tabs open and your laptop starts sounding like a jet about to take off on a runway.
Whether you prefer a laptop for its flexibility and convenience, or a monitor screen, a good computer is essential for anyone working at home. Ensure that it has good storage space and RAM, as well as decent battery life. We also recommend a larger display screen and higher resolution to prevent straining and headaches.

2. Webcam and microphone

Working from home means the in-person boardroom meetings have been put to rest, with zoom being the new shared office space for discussion. Whether you work with one other person or fifty, being able to share your screen and voice with other people in the online world allows for a greater sense of communication and community.

This is paramount in times of quarantine and isolation with statistics of loneliness and depression being exceptionally high.

3. Ergonomic Office chair

Nobody likes back pain, especially 20–40-year old’s who should not be feeling as though they are in their late 60s. A bad office chair is one of the biggest factors in your posture and subsequently, your back health.
You will want to invest in an office chair that allows you to bend at a 90-degree angle, to ensure your knees and ankles are level. The Baxter Blue Ergonomic High Back Chair provides a high back rest offering ample lumbar support and a C-shape headrest that can be adjusted to suit your head and neck, combined with the highly breathable mesh means that you are never hot and bothered with long seating hours as the chair is always well ventilated.

4. Laptop Stand

Straining your neck is never ideal, especially if it is to look up or down at a screen. Your laptop screen should sit 50cm from your face and level with your eyes. Having your laptop screen raised to eye level on the Baxter Blue Laptop Stand can help by significantly reducing the level of strain on your neck and shoulders, compared to tilting your head down to view your screen. This allows you to be able to maintain a healthy posture and comfortable position, which significantly contributes to heightened productivity. Use in combination with a wireless keyboard for full benefits.

5. Ergonomic keyboard

Ergonomic workspaces are key to ingredient to making a productive workspace and an ergonomic keyboard is designed to fit you rather than you adjusting yourself to comply with the keyboard. Instead of turning your wrists inward to type which can lead to RSIs like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, ergonomic keyboards are malleable, allowing you to shape and lengthen them to fit you.

6. Good office lighting

Lighting is incredibly important in your productivity, and not just for a good selfie. Working in dim lighting can cause you to strain, leading to poor eyesight and headaches. Our number one tip is to set up your office space close to a window or glass door to allow the natural light to brighten up your workspace. This also allows for ventilation into your work environment, allowing you to feel more refreshed and therefore be more efficient. If this is not possible invest in a good light source, such as a lampshade that softens the harsh lighting that may come from a light source.

7. Blue Light glasses

Blue light glasses are the perfect accessory to add to your work from home kit. Both stylish and functional, blue light glasses allow you to remain productive whilst ensuring your sleep, health and wellbeing are not sacrificed. Find out more about the impact of blue light here.

8. Sit and Stand Desk

A desk is the framework for your workspace, and without a good foundation, everything else is soon to fall apart. Desks come in all shapes and sizes to fit your home. Our recommendation is a standing desk so you’re not sitting all day. Standing instead of sitting behind a desk all day can reduce the risk of weight gain and obesity, lower blood sugar levels, lower risks of heart disease and diabetes, as well as reduce back pain. A standing desk also allows you to switch between standing and sitting for optimal movement. The Baxter Blue Electric Sit Stand Desk gives you the choice of working while sitting or standing with the Motorised Adjustable Stand Up Desk.

9. Plants

Plants have the power to do so much more than make your workspace look aesthetically pleasing. Plants have been found to reduce stress and increase productivity, as well as improving the air quality in your work environment. Now I’m not saying your workspace needs to be a jungle, but a few plants scattered throughout the place is sure to optimise your efficiency and overall wellbeing.

10. Baxter Blue’s Me Moment Trio:

Baxter Blues latest wellbeing range is also a staple for optimising your workflow. The Me Moment Trio aims to reduce the effects of blue light and digital exposure on your skin, sleep, and stress levels, making it ideal for your work from home set-up. This pack comes with the Blue Light Defence Hydration Face Mist, Deep Sleep Pillow Mist and Digital De-Stress Roll-on.

Whether you were a newbie to working from home or have been doing it for years, it is important that your workspace reflects positivity, productivity, and relaxation. By incorporating these into your workspace, you can go a long way to having your best home office setup for productivity and 2022 can be your most productive and successful year yet.


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