Eleanor Killen

An Aussie artist living on the Ningaloo Reef

About Eleanor

You'll currently find Eleanor in a little desert town on the Ningaloo Reef, beavering away in her studio or splashing around in or below the ocean.

Eleanor's passion? Anything to do with art. You'll see her artworks everywhere from sustainably produced apparel to post-consumer recycled greeting cards. Just look out for 'Elk Draws', her signature which is derived from her initials.

Enjoy our "quick ten" with this Rebel and Upriser

1/ Describe yourself in 3 words - Energetic, observant, messy.

2/ Who is your hero or role model? - CJ Hendry. Most people know her as an incredible artist. But I love how her mind works. Her marketing, forward planning, installations for exhibitions, everything is mind blowing.

3/ What's one talent you have that no one knows about ? Numbers. I love numbers and finance - I could spend all day gazing at stock market charts.

4/ When you open your eyes in the morning, what gets you out of bed ? The lure of caffeine after a workout and dog walk.

5/ If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you choose? CJ Hendry, Ben Crowe - who is a type of mindset coach and has worked with every sports person under the sun (and wear's really cool glasses) and Louis Theroux.

6/ How did you find the path you are on? I've always practiced art but more so with paint. My pen scribble style came into being when I moved to a town in the north west and had nothing to be creative with but a biro and paper!

7/ Did you like school?  Was that a good time for you? Loved school. I'm an absolute nerd and sport fiend.

8/ What unique challenges did you overcome to get where you are? Being diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 27, losing my driver's licence due to seizures, working through what causes them and how best to structure my life and work to manage them.

9/ What are your favourite pair of Baxter's? Frankie Sunglasses in the Olive because they are biodegradable and a sassy throwback to a few decades ago

10/ How do you take your coffee? If I'm at home, stovetop percolator coffee with cream. If I'm out, small latte, extra shot.

Eleanor's favourite pair of Baxter's

Check out more of Eleanor's work @elk_draws and www.elkdraws.com


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