What glasses suit my face shape?

Just like different body shapes, we also all have very different and distinct face shapes that make us who we are. Whilst we have no objection to you styling yourself however you choose, there are some frames that suit different faces better, helping to bring out your natural and beautiful features.

Need a hand finding the best glasses for your face shape? No worries - here are our tips on the best frames to suit your face shape. 

Which glasses frames suit oval faces?

The oval face shape is distinguished by its long-elongated look, generally the face will be longer than it is wider. People with this head shape tend to have a curving jawline, with their forehead being the widest part of their head. The jaw and chin are general curved more so than sharp and those with oval face shapes tend to have higher cheekbones.

For those of you with the oval, you have a big range in choice and style for your face shape. Most designers will agree that just about all styles of eyewear will suit the oval face shape. It is more so dependent on your style. Oval shapes will rock oversized and wide frames and anything loud and bold. Only suggestion is to steer clear of anything with narrow frames as it may add unnecessary length to your face.

Which glasses frames suit square faces?

The square face has strong angular features, defined by a sharp jaw and wider forehead. Rounder frames are best for this face shape, as it softens the sharp angles of individuals with the square. Steer clear of geometric shapes and anything too oversized.

Best frames for square shape faces

Which glasses frames suit heart shape faces?

Heart shaped faces, the faces of love, tend to be categorised by their narrowness at the chin and wideness at the forehead. For this head shape the best options are rounded or oval frames that are thinner and proportionate to your head size. Avoid bottom heavy glasses or those which have oversized or dramatic frames. As we want to draw attention to the top half of the face and add balance.

Best frames for heart shape faces

Which glasses frames suit diamond shape faces?

The diamond in the rough. Diamond face shapes are the rarest of them all and are characterised by full cheeks and a narrow forehead and jawline. The best frames for these individuals is the oval shape, aimed to balance out your face.

Which glasses frames suit round shape faces?

The round face shape sounds pretty much like it is. It is defined by fullness, in the cheeks and jaws, with softer angles. People with this face shape tend to have wider cheekbones and have equal length and width to the face. Like the square face shape, the best glasses for the round face are those which contrast its features to add different, complimenting the features. For a round face the best choice is a pair of glasses which are smaller and more angular, like rectangular frames, rather than oversized and round.


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