5 Reasons
Why Baxter Blue’s
Blue Light Glasses
Helps Protect Your Eyes
During Screen Time

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Eliminating digital eye-strain, our blue light eyewear
empowers you to look great and live better.

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Eliminates Glare
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1/ Helps Fight Headaches

Prolonged exposure to blue light from screens can lead to digital eye strain, which often results in headaches.

Blue light glasses help by filtering out a significant portion of blue light, thereby reducing the strain on the eyes.

2/ Improves Sleep Quality

Did you know that exposure to blue light, especially in the evening, can mess with your sleep by disrupting your melatonin production?

Wearing blue light glasses can filter out this light, so your body can do its natural thing and naturally produce melatonin, helping you sleep better.

3/ Support for Sore & Dry Eyes

Baxter Blue’s Blue light glasses help you feel more comfortable and less tired by filtering out the blue light that can cause digital eye strain and make your eyes feel sore and dry. Say bye to sore eyes!

4/ Stylish, Cute & Comfortable

With more than 20 styles and colours to choose from, you don't have to compromise your looks when it comes to choosing your favourite Blue Light glasses.

5/ 30-day Easy Return

Baxter Blue offers a 30-day easy return policy along with top-notch customer service, making it a no-brainer choice for Blue Light glasses.

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Every pair features our Blue+ ™ light filtering lenses, anti-reflective coating, and UV protection.
All you need to do is find your frame. And then rock it.

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