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Our Pair for a pair pledge

Your purchase makes an incredible difference to a person's life! For every pair of Baxter Blue glasses you purchase we will provide a person in need a pair of reading glasses.

We have partnered with RestoringVision to give the gift of vision to those throughout the world who would otherwise not have access to glasses. RestoringVision are a not for profit organisation who since 2003 have distributed over 7 million pairs of reading glasses & sunglasses to people in need.

By providing a simple pair of reading glasses you can immediately and positively impact a person’s life, the well being of one’s family and community, and the global economy at large. Help us on our mission for better vision on a global scale.

Did you know?  

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    544 Million people cannot see clearly due to a physical condition that can easily be corrected with a pair of reading glasses
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    Serious eye diseases including cataracts and pterygia can be prevented or delayed by wearing sunglasses
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    In many countries the lack of access to glasses is one of the main barriers preventing people to correct or protect their vision.

To learn more about restoringvision and the benefits of reading and sunglasses click here