Kids and Digital Devices

Kids and screens

Today, kids grow up surrounded by digital devices. And that means they're heavily exposed to screens from a young age when their eyes are still developing. Like adults, the many hours kids are now spending on screens for not only education but also entertainment means they too could be suffering from the effects of digital eye strain with symptoms such as sore eyes and headaches.

Teenagers are even more likely to use their devices at night – hello Snapchat and Instagram – and that will also lead to sleep deprivation at a critical time for their development. The blue light in their digital screens suppresses their melatonin making it harder for them to fall asleep.

Digital devices are here to stay!

Whilst we too encourage children to spend time outdoors and away from screens, we also understand that digital devices are now part of every child’s everyday learning, communication and entertainment where they are exposed to the blue light. 

Baxter's for kids

In addition to blue light, the glare from screens can create stress on kids eyes leading to the symptoms of digital eye strain. Our lenses filter out the blue light from their screens and have an anti-reflective coating that helps reduce glare and provide better contrast on their screens. In addition to filtering the blue light & reducing glare our Baxter's also provide 100% UV protection.

Our range of kids glasses are not only functional but also so stylish that kids want to wear them. 

Whilst we still don’t have definitive research on the long term effects of blue light, we don't think it’s worth gambling our kids’ eyesight on. If they’ve been watching digital screens for 20 or more years day and night, we suspect there may be issues down the road.


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