Meet our global ambassador - Nat Kringoudis

Natalie a leading women’s wellness expert has changed the way women think about health. A traditional Chinese medicine doctor, acupuncturist, motivational speaker, self-confessed hormone revolutionist and founder of women’s wellness clinic, The Pagoda Tree. Together our mission is to educate our digital population on how their digital devices can impact our eyes and our health (especially in the workplace), offering a simple and stylish solution to these problems with their fashionable range of blue light filtering glasses.

From Nat -

My passion for women’s health isn’t necessarily just what happens when patients are in my office, but what people do when they leave.  The current ‘epidemic’ of hormone imbalance boils down to what we do each and everyday, ongoing.  I’m into simple life hacks that help alleviate the strain of modern living.

Given we live our lives through our screens and this is having a major impact on our hormone health, teaming up with Baxter Blue is another powerful way to spread this message, to help educate and inspire us all to make better choices together.  I’m delighted to be a part of the Baxter Blue family – I think it’s a match made in heaven.


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